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Sunday Silence Derby

The great Sunday Silence


About was started by a technologist that had a lifelong love for, and involvement in, horse racing.

Initially, after trying a number of computerized techniques to try to predict the outcome of races, he decided this was not at all possible.

However, as he always does, he decided to test the waters. Given the vast amount of information available on past performances from BRIS / EQUIBASE etc. he decided to setup a simple system which would basically capture and crunch the basic information in a database. The objective was basically to decide what info was relevant, present that info and check the results

After more than 5 years of testing and modifications.. Fast-forward to today.. Ontracklive is a reality and it is combination of great data, good analysis and use of the best technology available today.

A few things you can be assured of: The best technology is used (including speech and the application to mobile devices and the use of wireless communications), a consistent methodology - no guesswork

The systems are being developed by people who have been involved in races for decades.  The results will speak for themselves .

OTL uses a new revolutionary approach called Visual Handicapping Technique.
Prepare to be engaged as you explore this new innovative method.